A Day agone, as I rode sullenly

A day agone, as I rode sullenly
Upon a certain path that liked me not,
I met Love midway while the air was hot,
Clothed lightly as a wayfarer might be.
And for the cheer he showed, he seemed to me
As one who hath lost lordship he had got;
Advancing tow'rds me full of sorrowful thought,
Bowing his forehead so that none should see.
Then as I went, he called me by my name,
Saying: "I journey since the morn was dim
Thence where I made thy heart to be which now
I needs must bear unto another dame.'
Wherewith so much passed into me of him
That he was gone, and I discerned not how.
Author of original: 
Dante Alighieri
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