The Days of April

On the return of April some few days
Before it comes when every thing looks new
And woods where primroses burn in a blaze
Of fire And sallows in the woods made new
Seen blazeing out in blossoms not a few
But bushes smothered over what a change
Is turned upon their brightness passing by
The very birds the pies and crows and Jays
Look downward on their bloom from dark trees high
And wood larks dropping from the rich blue sky
Winner and whistle to their very roots
Sitting beneath a canophy of gold
And wood anemonies the sharp air suits
Their sheltered blooms with beauties manifold.

Daisies burn April grass with silver flies
And pilewort in the green lane blazes out
Enough to burn the fingers neath the briars
Where village Boys will scrat dead leaves about
To look for pootys — every eye admires
The lovely pictures that the spring brings out
Meadows of bowing cowslips what mind tires
To see them dancing in the emerald grass
And trawling chrystal brook as clear as glass
Laughing groaning uggling on for miles
That waves the silver blades of swimming grass
Upon the surface while the glad sun smiles
Such are the sights the showers and sunshine bring
To three or four bright days in the first of spring.

The sun shines in days heaven a bright light
All gold and glorious beautiful and fair
Spanning all ether in a day all bright
With beams as glowing as an angels hair
While clouds blue ether beautiful ye are

Earth ocean and the infinite blue air
Which the Almighty's presence cir[c]les round
With might immensity that knows no bound.
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