The Death of Samuel Adams

In the state of old Kentucky,
One cold and stormy night,
A horrible crime was committed
And later brought to light.

A man was cruelly murdered,
Samuel Adams was his name.
His body cut to pieces,
They accused Joe Schuster's gang.

He left his home one morning,
Employment to seek,
And told his loving family
He'd just be gone one week.

He went down to Auxier,
One week he went to stay,
But little did he think
It was his fatal day.

Alas, he went to sleep.
That night while he lay on his bed,
They crept into his room
And knocked him on the head.

They cut and maimed his body
Most frightful to behold,
And hid him on the river banks
Down in the sand so cold.

His friends soon grew uneasy
And searched for him in vain,
From Jacks Creek down to Auxier,
But nothing could they gain.

At last the Lord with power,
He showed what He could do,
And sent a swirling flood
To wash him into view.

His body was discovered
And placed beneath the clay,
Where peacefully he may sleep
Until the Judgment Day.

Joe Schuster was arrested,
Also his foreign band
For killing Samuel Adams
And burying him in the sand.

They placed them in the county jail,
There to remain awhile.
In the hands of law and justice,
They all must stand their trial.

Their faces all grew pale
As the jury did file in,
And judge he read the verdict:
A life in the Frankfort pen.
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Lemasters16's picture

This poem is based on a true story about Samuel Adams a constable who was murdered along the banks of the big sand river in Eastern Kentucky. Samuel was my great grandfather! My family has even recieved first hand interviews of the young boy who found grandpa Samuel's body.

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