The Desertion of Beauty and Strength

everyman:Alas, I am so faint I may not stand,
My limbs under me do fold:
Friends, let us not turn again to this land,
Not for all the world's gold.
For into this cave must I creep
And turn to the earth and there to sleep.

beauty:What, into this grave? alas!

everyman:Yea, there shall you consume more or less.

beauty:And what, should I smother here?

everyman:Yea, by my faith and never more appear
In this world live no more we shall,
But in Heaven before the highest Lord of all.

beauty:I cross out all this; adieu by Saint John;
I take my cap in my lap and am gone.

everyman:What, Beauty, whither will ye?

beauty:Peace, I am deaf: I look not behind me,
Not and thou would give me all the gold in thy chest.

everyman:Alas, whereto may I trust?
Beauty goeth fast away and from me:
She promised with me to live and die.

strength:Everyman, I will thee also forsake and deny:
Thy game liketh me not at all.

everyman:Why, then ye will forsake me all:
Sweet Strength, tarry a little space.

strength:Nay, Sir. By the Rood of Grace,
I will hie me from thee fast,
Though thou weep till thy heart brast.

everyman:Ye would ever bide by me, ye said.

strength:Yea, I have you far enough conveyed:
Ye be old enough, I understand,
Your pilgrimage to take on hand;
I repent me that I hither came.

everyman:Strength, you to displease I am to blame;
Will you break promise that is debt?

strength:In faith, I care not:
Thou art but a fool to complain,
You spend your speech and waste your brain:
Go thrust thee into the ground.

everyman:I had went surer I should you have found.
He that trusteth in his strength
She him deceiveth at the length.
Both Strength and Beauty forsaketh me,
Yet they promised me fair and lovingly.
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