A Dialogue betwixt Venus, Thetis, and Phoebus, sung by two trebles and a bass

Drowsy Phaebus, come away,
And let out the longed-for day,
Leave thy Thetis' silver breast,
And ope the casements of the east.
'Tis Venus calls: away, away,
The waking mortals long for day. Thetis:
And let them long; 'tis just and right
To shut them in eternal night,
Whose deeds deserve no day. Lie still,
Arise not yet, lie still, my Sun;
My night begins when thou art gone. Venus:
I'll woo thee with a kiss to come away. Thetis:
And I with forty for to stay. Venus:
I'll give to thee the fair Adonis' spear,
So thou wilt rise. Thetis:
And I, to keep thee here,
Will give a wreath of pearl as fair
As ever sea-nymph yet did wear.
'Tis Thetis woos thee stay, O stay, O stay. Venus:
'Tis Venus woos thee rise, O come away! Phaebus:
To which of these shall I mine ear incline? Venus:
Unto the upper world repair. Thetis:
O no, I'll bind him in my flowing hair. Phaebus:
But see fond mortals how they gaze
On that same petty blaze!
Thetis, adieu, I am no longer thine;
I must away, for if I stay,
My deity's quite undone,
They will forget t'adore the rising sun.
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