O N Monday next, you 'll send, I reckon,
A billet-doux to me — at Brecon;
And thus your envélope will speak,
Its love to me throughout the week.
But, when it comes to Monday se'nnight,
The scene is chang'd, and you must pen it —
For then till Friday — Turnham Green
Must find Apollo at Presteigne .
On Friday Lombard Street has forc'd her
To pay her compliments at Worc'ter .
White is at Broadway's inn, the Hart ,
That courts on Saturday Love's dart;
On Monday shift your playful Car
To learned Oxford's brilliant Star;
On Tuesday , sheets well air'd and cleanly
Are the Red Lion's charms at Henley;
On Wedn'sday wreaths of myrtle spread,
For the new Bridge of Maidenhead;
There Winter is to romp with Flora ,
Tithonus there will chain Aurora .
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