Directions for Finding the Bard

Would you see what I'm like,
This is what to do:
Drowse and take your time, like
Camels in a zoo.
Sit you where you are, son;
Rest you where you lie;
I am never far, son, —
I'll be coming by.
Watch for Trouble, walking
All along his course,
Stepping high and stalking
Like a funeral horse.
See his little friend, there,
Knee beside his knee;
There's your search's end, there, —
That'll be me!

Would you want to see me,
This is what to try:
Stretch you, sweet and dreamy,
Looking at the sky.
Watch for Gloom, a-wheeling
Black across the sun,
Gibbering and squealing —
All the crows in one.
See a little speck, there,
Side against his side,
Sticking at his neck, there;
Going for the ride;
Dropping, does he drop, son;
Looping with him, maybe.
Let your seeking stop, son, —
That'll be Baby!
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