False glozing pleasures, casks of happiness,
Foolish night-fires, women's and children's wishes,
Chases in arras, guilded emptiness,
Shadows well mounted, dreams in a career,
Embroidered lies, nothing between two dishes;
These are the pleasures here.

True earnest sorrows, rooted miseries,
Anguish in grain, vexations ripe and blown,
Sure-footed griefs, solid calamities,
Plain demonstrations, evident and clear,
Fetching their proofs ev'n from the very bone;
These are the sorrows here.

But O the folly of distracted men,
Who griefs in earnest, joys in jest pursue;
Preferring, like brute beasts, a lothsome den
Before a court, ev'n that above so clear,
Where are no sorrows, but delights more true
Than miseries are here!
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