Double, diverse, sullen, and strange


[Woman:] " Double, diverse, sullen, and strange,
But I have sped and scaped unspied.
Thanked be fortune of friendly chance.
The deed is done and I not denied,
My troth mistaken and I untried.
If double drabs were so defied,
As worthy is their wandering wit."

[Man:] " Iwis with reason doth not sit
To do and undo and scape unquit.
For your no faith such fault were fit,
Forborne for fear. Nay, love is it
Whereby is bound the body so."

[Woman:] " Thanked be fortune of every chance."

[Man:] " Of my mishap I thank myself.
Pain or pleasure, woe or wealth,
Wounded by words, and lacks advance."
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