Dove of my heart! I've built a nest

Dove of my heart! I've built a nest
For thee, and for thy young ones too,
Where they may sweetly sleep, caressed
Beneath thy warm and downy breast,
As infants in their cradles do.

I've bent around a limber vine,
To form for thee a cool recess;
I'll scatter roses there, and twine
Above an arch of eglantine,
That all within may charm and bless.

And when the frequent falling showers
Make green the tender turf in May,
I'll go and pluck the young-eyed flowers,
Just opening in the lilac bowers,
And on thy mossy pillow lay.

And when the sky is bright in June,
I'll sit within a neighboring shade;
And at the silent hour of noon
I'll put my mourning voice in tune
To sigh around the lonely glade.

O, come, thou soft, retiring dove!
And sit within my downy nest;
I'll spread my sky-blue wings above,
Then, in the shadow of my love,
Brood o'er thy young ones, and be blest.
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