Driving to desire, adread also to dare


Driving to desire, adread also to dare,
Between two stools my tail goeth to the ground.
Dread and desire the reason doth confound,
The tongue put to silence. The heart, in hope and fear,
Doth dread that it dare and hide that would appear.
Desirous and dreadful, at liberty I go bound.
For pressing to proffer methinks I hear the sound:
" Back off thy boldness. Thy courage passeth care."
This dangerous doubt, whether to obey
My dread or my desire, so sore doth me trouble
That cause causeth for dread of my decay.
In thought all one; in deeds to show me double,
Fearful and faithful! Yet take me as I am,
Though double in deeds, a inward perfect man.
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