Duffy's Hotel

1. If you're longing for fun or enjoyment, — If you
want to go out on a spree, — Come along with me
over to Boies-town — On the banks of the Miramichi.
You'll meet with a royal reception, — The truth unto
you I'll relate. On the eighteenth of May I arrived
here, — From Fred'ricton came by the freight.

2 I'm employed by a man named E. Kenney,
A gentleman you all know well,
J.P. for the parish of Stanley,
And he puts up at Duffy's Hotel.

3 The other night I was out on a racket;
I tell you 'twas something immense.
We collared a Shanghai rooster,
And he just cost us seventeen cents.
He was sick with the croup and the measles,
They said he was too poor for to sell,
But I guess he'll make hash for the boarders
That hang out at Duffy's Hotel.

4 One night I was out to a party;
'Twas held in the Mansion below.
A row was kicked up in the kitchen.
I tell you, it wasn't too slow.
They upset the chairs and the tables,
Caused the Pleasant Ridge pigs for to yell.
The row was kicked up by Delaney,
A sucker from Duffy's Hotel.

5 Kind friends, I must bid you good evening,
Or else you will fear I'm a Turk.
If I loiter 'round here any longer
Some fellow might give me a jerk!
I'll go back to the place of my childhood,
In peace and contentment to dwell,
Bid adieu to the kind friends and boarders
That hang 'round at Duffy's Hotel!
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