The Dunce

And " Science" said,
" Attention, Child, to me!
Have I not taught you all
You touch; taste; hear; and see?

" Nought that's true knowledge now
In print is pent
Which my sole method
Did not circumvent.

" Think you, the amoeba
In its primal slime
Wasted on dreams
Its destiny sublime?

" Yet, when I bid
Your eyes survey the board
Whereon life's How, When, Where
I now record,

" I find them fixed
In daydream; and you sigh;
Or, like a silly sheep,
You bleat me, Why ?

" " Why is the grass so cool, and fresh, and green?
The sky so deep, and blue? "
Get to your Chemistry,
You dullard, you!

" " Why must I sit at books, and learn, and learn,
Yet long to play? "
Where's your Psychology,
You popinjay?

" " Why stay I here,
Not where my heart would be? "
" Wait, dunce, and ask that
Of Philosophy!

" Reason is yours
Wherewith to con your task;
Not that unanswerable
Questions you should ask.

" Stretch out your hands, then —
Grubby, shallow bowl —
And be refreshed, Child —
Mind, and, maybe, soul!

" Then, when you grow into
A man — like me;
You will as learned, wise,
And — happy be!"
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