Early Morning


The day it was dawning so soon in the morning
When o'er the green meadow I wandered along
The birds were all silent in the mornings grey twilight
And nothing was heard but the grasshoppers song


Like the wind through a cloister the breeze blew its moisture
In blushes of mist as I wandered along
And the dew drops looked through on the beautiful blue
Of the cranesbill that grew in the meadow so strong


The skylark and linet rose up in a minute
As soon as I moved mid the green waving bushes
And morning skip'd by me, both far off and nigh me
While the air on my cheeks came in beautiful gushes


The mist of the morning the meadows adorning
All verged the orison in purple and grey
And where the sun rises, his crimson surprises
Is waking from rest to emblazon the day


As I was returning, that midsummer morning
Along the green meadow so blooming and gay
I met a sweet maid there, with rose cheek and arms bare
And bid her good morning so soon in the day


Her voice was all melody, like leaves on a holiday
Her blush was as sweet as the rose is in may
Her eyes were as bright as, the dews of that night was
When I met her that morning so soon in the day


The dews where she treaded their silver light sheded
And flew from her foot steps in showers of pearl
The grass brushed her light shoe so black and so bright to[o]
And sweet was the smile of this beautiful girl


I kissed her so fearful, but she looked so cheerful
All fear of her anger soon vanished away
I left her all smiling the Summer beguiling
And promised to meet her the next happy day — English
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