Early Morning

Primroses are in hedge rows peeping
Neath white thorn roots violets are sleeping
Dew bespangled they seem weeping
In the early pleasant morning —


The Primrose peeps aneath the thorn
By woodland hedges newly born
Shows sulpher bosom in the morn
The calm and tranquil morning —


The violets blooming neath the hedge
Peeping in clumps thro wither'd sedge
Of Spring the sweet and early pledge
Sweet scenting early morning —


By Hazel Stulps and mossy green
Where the bubbling brook is seen
Oft you and I, in Spring have been
Walking at early morning —


The Lark is cheeping to the sky
A bursting flood of melody
Till clouds conceal him from the eye
In the mild and early morning —


The crow is on the furrow'd field
The Blackbird in the spinney shield
They in the Quick set hedges build
Singing sweet at early morning —


The hanging mist the blebs of dew
That makes the early pasture blue
As if the Heaven was looking through
To welcome early morning —


In such a place 'tis hard to sever
We met and could have talked for ever
In meadows by that winding river
On that lovely early morning —


There thou a bonny maiden fair
As sweet a flower as any there
Went forth to take the healthy air
I the quiet early morning —


Blessing's attend thy leisure hours
May happiness descend in showers
When Spring revives those fragrant bowers
On a joyous April morning —
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