Early Religion -

1 King . XVIII.

O That while I am Young I might
Fear the most Glorious One;
And not my Great Redeemer Slight:
Thine, Lord; I'm THINE alone.

2 Chron . 34-3.

May I while I am very Young ,
Seek unto God by Prayer:
And those Lov'd Ones be found among
That Early Seekers are:

Psal . 119.9.

May I, while I am Young , give Heed
Unto thy Holy Word;
Call'd, there to Cleanse my wayes with Speed,
By the most Holy Lord .

2 Joh . 4.

Though I am yet a Child , I wou'd
In my most Forward Youth ,
Walk , by the conduct of my God,
In the pure paths of Truth .

2 Tim . 2.22.

Those Lusts that Youthful are, to me
May they most Hateful prove;
And may the Laws of JESUS be
My Sweetest Joy and Love.

Eccl . 12.1.

Lord, THEE , my Maker, Thee, To Day,
God, Father, Son , and Spirit ,
I would Remember , that I may
Eternal Life Inherit.
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