Easter Hymn

O CHRIST Who from Thy guarded Tomb
On Easter morn didst break away,
A little lowly band we come
To greet Thy Resurrection Day.

We do not come like them of old
Who when the morn was breaking dark
Sought out the garden cavern cold,
Where they had laid Thee still and stark.

They came with spices in their hand,
With quivering lip and swelling tear,
And wondering, scarce could understand
The Voice that said " He is not here! "

We seek an open sepulchre,
Whence angel hands roll'd back the stone,
And gladdest thoughts within us stir
Of death destroy'd and sin o'erthrown.

No ointment in our hands we bear,
No spice wherewith the dead are drest,
We bring Thee praise and earnest prayer,
The incense pure Thou lovest best.

O Lord, who Thy dear Life didst give
For us in narrow grave to lie,
Teach us to die that we may live,
To live that we may never die.

Since we were buried once with Thee
Beneath the pure baptismal wave,
O send us forth like souls set free
And risen from sin's darksome grave.

Since we must one day lie alone
Within the churchyard's hallow'd ground,
And other hands shall set the stone,
Or lay the turf along the mound,

Thou, whom the cold grave could not hold,
Nor death could keep with all his power,
Mark each low spot of hallow'd mould,
And raise us up in Thine own hour.

For brighter Easter yet shall be
To rend the stone, to shake the sod,
When face to face we look on Thee,
O Saviour slain! O Risen God!
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