Eche man me telleth I chaunge moost my devise

Eche man me telleth I chaunge moost my devise,
And on my faith me thinck it goode reason
To chaunge propose like after the season,
For in every cas to kepe still oon gyse
Ys mytt for theim that would be taken wyse,
And I ame not of suche maner condition,
But treted after a dyvers fasshion,
And therupon my dyvernes doeth rise.
But you that blame this dyvernes moost,
Chaunge you no more but still after oon rate
Trete ye me well, and kepe ye in the same state;
And while with me doeth dwell this weried goost,
My wordes nor I shall not be variable,
But alwaies oon, your owne boeth ferme and stable.
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