The Encounter

'Twixt dream and wake we wandered on,
Thinking of naught but you and me;
And lo, when day was nearly gone,
A wondrous sight did see.

There, in a bed of rushes, lay
A child all naked, golden and fair —
Young Eros dreaming time away,
With roses in his hair.

Tender sleep had o'ertaken him,
Quenched his bright arrows, loosed his bow,
And in divine oblivion dim
Had stilled him through and through.

Never have I such beauty seen
As burned in his young dreaming face,
Cheek, hair, and lip laid drowsily
In slumber's faint embrace.

Oh, how he started, how his eyes
Caught back their sudden shiningness
To see you stooping, loving-wise,
Him, slumbering, to caress!

How flamed his brow, what childish joy
Leapt in his heart at sight of thee,
When, " Mother, mother! " cried the boy:
And — frowning — turned on me!
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