England, Arise!

England, arise! the long, long night is over,
Faint in the east behold the dawn appear;
Out of your evil dream of toil and sorrow
Arise, O England, for the day is here;
From your fields and hills,
Hark! the answer swells —
Arise, O England, for the day is here.

By your young children's eyes so red with weeping,
By their white faces aged with want and fear;
By the dark cities where your babes are creeping,
Naked of joy and all that makes life dear;
From each wretched slum
Let the loud cry come —
Arise, O England, for the day is here.

People of England! all your valleys call you,
High in the rising sun the lark sings clear.
Will you dream on, let shameful slumber thrall you?
Will you disown your native land so dear?
Shall it die unheard —
That sweet pleading word?
Arise, O England, for the day is here.

Forth, then, ye heroes, patriots, and lovers,
Comrades of danger, poverty, and scorn!
Mighty in faith of Freedom, your great Mother,
Giants refreshed in Joy's new-rising morn!
Come and swell the song,
Silent now so long —
England is risen! — and the day is here.
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