The English Girl

Give, oh give us English welcomes,
We'll forgive the English skies;
English homes and English manners,
And the light of English eyes.
Give us for our props in peril,
English valor, pith, and stress,
And for wives sweet English maidens
Radiant in their loveliness.

Foreign tastes perchance may differ,
On our virtues or our laws,
But who sees an English matron,
And withholds his deep applause?
Who beholds an English maiden,
Bright and modest, fair and free,
And denies the willing tribute—
Of a fond idolatry?

Lovely are the maids of Rhineland,
Glowing are the maids of Spain,
French, Italians, Greeks, Circassians,
Woo our homage—not in vain—
But for Beauty to enchant us,
And for Virtue to enthral,
Give our hearts the girls of England—
Dearer,—better than them all.
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