With calm, though fascinated eye,
The landscape here by me survey'd;
With Tempe though its beauties vie,
No Envy could my heart invade.

Upon a bed of down I lay,
Apartments travers'd with delight;
Saw Taste command, and Wealth obey;
Then felt my heart — but all was right.

Yet Envy came: — Wilt thou forgive?
I envy'd thee — IN POWER HUMANE ;
Commanding all that breathe to live,
The shelter'd guest of thy domain.

I saw the hare too safe to fear;
The game was at my horse's feet;
No tyrant of the field is here:
But Peace and Mercy guard the Seat.

I envy'd here the Angel's hand,
Whose timely aid the roots can boil;
Cheer the rude features of the land,
And make the lips around him smile.

I envy'd thee — " A village blest , "
That glows in Labour's ruddy health;
Whose tears with grateful joy attest
The Man of Ross with India's wealth.

Unenvy'd be the ample trust,
In thy commercial hand secure;
But still be envy'd (if thou must),
Hail'd as the Banker of the Poor .

To covet here so blest a mind,
Is it, or can it be a sin;
Where Love to Envy can be join'd,
Whatever 's lost — the heart must win .

The Decalogue at sins like these
Announces no up-lifted spear;
Or, if the Law we must appease,
The Angels plead — and with a tear.
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