Dummer the shepherd sacrific'd
By Wolves, because the Sheep he priz'd.
The Orphans Father, Churches Light,
The Love of Heav'n, of Hell the Spight.
The Countries Gapman, and the Face
That Shone, but knew it not, with Grace.
Hunted by Devils, but Reliev'd
By Angels, and on high Receiv'd.
The Martyr'd Pelican, who Bled
Rather than leave his Charge Unfed.
A proper Bird of Paradise,
Shot, and Flown thither in a Trice.

Lord, hear the Cry of Righteous DUMMER's Wounds,
Ascending still against the Salvage Hounds,
That Worry thy dear Flocks; and let the Cry
Add Force to Theirs that at thine Altar lye.

To Compleat the Epitaph of this Good Man there now needs no more than the famous old Chaucer's Motto,

Mors mihi aerumnarum Requies.
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