Epitaph on Charles Earl of Dorset

In the Church of Withyham in Sussex

Dorset, the Grace of Courts, the Muses' Pride,
Patron of Arts, and Judge of Nature, dy'd.
The scourge of Pride, tho' sanctify'd or great,
Of Fops in Learning, and of Knaves in State:

Yet soft his Nature, tho' severe his Lay,
His Anger moral, and his Wisdom gay.
Blest Satyrist! who touch'd the Mean so true,
As show'd, Vice had his hate and pity too.
Blest Courtier! who could King and Country please,
Yet sacred keep his Friendships, and his Ease.
Blest Peer! his great Forefathers ev'ry grace
Reflecting, and reflected in his Race;
Where other B UCKHURSTS , other D ORSETS shine,
And Patriots still, or Poets, deck the Line.
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