Epitaph on Miss Maria Carr

Here , by the consecrating heart enshrin'd,
Repose an Angel's form, an Angel's mind,
Peace, Hope, and Love, the guardians of her sleep,
Around the hallow'd shade their vigils keep,
Till, parted from its — vesture of decay , —
The night of death shall meet the living day:
Ye Sisters, Brothers, Parents, weep no more —
Look up, and the departed Saint adore!
When Youth and Joy their playful circle trod,
The soul was pure, and ripen'd for its God;
But when from Beauty's cheek the roses fled,
And thorns usurp'd the pillows of the bed,
Oh! what a gem her innocence appear'd!
The fading scene — what bright affections cheer'd!
Though Death his arrows at the victim shook,
How sweet the manners! how sublime the look!
With anguish tortur'd, with disease consum'd,
Her patience conquer'd, and her spirit bloom'd;
Though panting Nature felt its tone oppress'd,
The bosom was at peace, the heart at rest:
With grateful eyes the debt of love she paid,
And bless'd the offer'd boon, the wish obey'd:
When scarce her lips could move, her voice be heard,
Endearment's tribute was the parting word,
And left a radiant smile: to Heaven she rose,
To her own harmony, her bless'd repose;
Where Innocence and Love united reign,
Maria lives , and is herself again.
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