Epitaph on Mrs. Jones

Grandmother to Mrs. Bridget Jones of Llanelly in Caerniar-thenshire.

In her whose relics mark this sacred earth
Shone all domestic and all social worth.
First Heav'n her hope with early offspring crown'd,
And thence a second race rose num'rous round.
Heav'n to industrious virtue blessing lent,
And all was competence, and all content.
Tho' frugal care, in Wisdom's eye admir'd,
Know to preserve what industry acquir'd,
Yet at her board, with decent plenty blest,
The journeying stranger sat a welcome guest.
Press'd on all sides, did trading neighbours fear
Ruin, which hung o'er exigence severe?
Farewell the friend who spar'd th' assistant loan —
A neighbour's woe or welfare was her own.
Did piteous lazars oft attend her door?
She gave — Farewell the parent of the poor.
Youth, Age, and Want, once cheer'd, now sighing swell,
Bless her lov'd name, and weep a last farewell.
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