In Eternum

In eternum I was ons determed
For to have lovid and my mynde affermed
That with my herte it shuld be confermed
In eternum.

Forthwith I founde the thing that I myght like,
And sought with love to warme her hert alike,
For as me thought I shulde not se the like
In eternum.

To trase this daunse I put my self in prese,
Vayne hope ded lede and bad I should not cese
To serve, to suffer, and still to hold my pease
In eternum.

With this furst rule I fordred me a pase,
That, as me thought, my trowghthe had taken place
With full assurans to stonde in her grace
In eternum.

It was not long or I by proofe had found
That feble bilding is on feble grounde,
For in her herte this worde ded never sounde
In eternum.

In eternum then from my herte I kest
That I had furst determed for the best,
Nowe in the place another thought doeth rest
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