Evacuation of New York by the British

They come!—they come!—the heroes come
With sounding fife, with thundering drum;
Their ranks advance in bright array,—
The heroes of America!

He comes!—'t is mighty Washington
(Words fail to tell all he has done),
Our hero, guardian, father, friend!
His fame can never, never end.

He comes!—he comes!—our Clinton comes!
Justice her ancient seat resumes:
From shore to shore let shouts resound,
For Justice comes, with Freedom crown'd.

She comes!—the angelic virgin—Peace.
And bids stern War his horrors cease;
Oh! blooming virgin, with us stay,
And bless, oh! bless America.

Since Freedom has our efforts crown'd,
Let flowing bumpers pass around:
The toast is, “Freedom's favorite son,
Health, peace, and joy to Washington!”
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