The sun had gaen down on the mountain sae lofty
And left her bright spots on the hills and the sky
And the dew fa' o' e'en came around me so softly
As still as the wings o' the bee passing by
O come on ye balmy soft shades o' the e'enin
And langer above me remain thou calm sky
O blue gold and crimson like lofty rocks leaning
Seeming ready to fa' from their dwellings so high


Ye shades green and siller o' lakes and o' mountains
Soft greensward blebbed o'er with the milk o' nights dew
The bull rushy lake and the mossy fringed fountains
How dearly I love the mild e'enin' so blue
Brushing green broom by the side o' my true love
Whose green twigs are sprinkled wi' pin heads o' dew
The goudspink cheeps sleepy, half asleep cooes the blue dove
Where I went wi' my true love in her neat dress o' blue


O she was the rarest the bonniest, fairest
The dearest sincerest and but yet a young thing
O she was the prettiest wittiest and sweetest
But she seldom spoke love on our walks i' the spring
The sunset clouds faded in dewy mists braided
We saw not as far as we did when we came
She thought of her bonnet the dews falling on it
So arm in arm I — and my lassie went hame
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