The evening star now sparkles bright;
Full shines the rising moon;
And fleetly fades the rosy light
Around the horizon.
The bosom swells with holy joy;
The heart beats soft and low:
No longer care and pain annoy;
Unchecked the feelings flow.

The meadow brook now dances light,
Its wave shines silver-clear:
The stars are dancing strangely bright,
Along yon azure sphere.
The nightingale her melody
Trills lightly from the brake;
And trembling floats, in harmony,
The moonbeam on the lake.

The lovelorn maiden listens long,
As trills the melody:
Her tender bosom feels it strong;
Her tears are flowing free.
She fondly thinks her lover then
Is serenading nigh;
And sadly sweet in dreams again
She sees him standing by.

O, evening is the time for me!
Be thine the gairish day:
My spirit is so full and free,
As fades the light away!
My bosom swells with holy joy;
My heart beats soft and low;
And fondly then, without annoy,
My gentler feelings flow.
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