The Evening Sky

Rose-BOSOM'D and rose-limb'd

With eyes of dazzling bright

Shakes Venus 'mid the twined boughs of the night;

Rose-lib'd, soft-stepping

From bough to bough

Shaking the wide-hung starry fruitage — dimmed

Its bloom of snow

By that sole planetary glow.

Venus, avers the astronomer,

Not thus idly dancing goes

Flushing the eternal orchard with wild rose.

She through ether burns

Outpacing planetary earth,

And ere two years triumphantly returns,

And again wave-like swelling flows,

And again her flashing apparition comes and goes.

This we have not seen,

No heavenly courses set,

No flight unpausing through a void serene:

But when eve clears,

Arises Venus as she first uprose

Stepping the shaken boughs among,

And in her bosom glows

The warm light hidden in sunny snows.

She shakes the clustered stars

Lightly, as she goes

Amid the unseen branches of the night,

Rose-limb'd, rose-bosom'd bright.

She leaps: they shake and pale; she glows —

And who but knows

How the rejoiced heart aches

When Venus all his starry vision shakes;

When through his mind

Tossing with random airs of an unearthly wind,

Rose-bosom'd, rose-limb'd,

The mistress of his starry vision arises,

And the boughs glittering sway

And the stars pale away,

And the enlarging heaven glows

As Venus light-foot 'mid the twined branches goes.

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