The Versicle.

Lord, by thy sweet and saving S IGN

The Responsor.

Defend us from our foes and thine.

V. Thou shalt open.
R. And my mouth.
V. O God make speed.
R. O L ORD make hast.
V. Glory be to.
R. As it was in the.


But there were Rocks would not relent at This.
Lo, for their own hearts, they rend his.
Their deadly hate lives still; and hath
A wild reserve of wanton wrath;
Superfluous S PEAR ! But there's a H EART stands by
Will look no wounds be lost, no deaths shall dy.
Gather now thy Greif's ripe F RUIT . Great mother-maid!
Then sitt thee down, and sing thine Ev'nsong in the sad T REE 's shade.

The Antiphona.

O sad, sweet T REE !
Wofull and joyfull we
Both weep and sing in shade of thee.
When the dear N AILES did lock
And graft into thy gracious Stock
The hope; the health,
The worth, the wealth
Of all the ransom'd W ORLD , thou hadst the power
(In that propitious Hour)
To poise each pretious limb,
And prove how light the World was, when it weighd with H IM .
Wide maist thou spred
Thine Armes; And with thy bright and blisfull head
O'relook all Libanus. Thy lofty crown
The king himself is; Thou his humble T HRONE .
Where yeilding and yet conquering he
Prov'd a new path of patient Victory.
When wondring death by death was slain,
And our Captivity his Captive ta'ne.

The Versicle.

Lo we adore thee
Dread L AMB ! and bow thus low before thee;

The Responsor.

'Cause by the convenant of thy C ROSSE .
Thou'hast sav'd the world from certain losse.

The Prayer.

O lord J ESU -C HRIST , son of the living, &c.
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