For ever blest be the prolific Brain

For ever blest be the prolific Brain
Could not this store of Images contain,
Such various Talents were by Heaven design'd
(Too vast a Treasure for a single mind!)
To please, astonish, and instruct Mankind.
Thus the charg'd Trees with blooming odors crown'd
Shed their fair Blossoms with profusion round,
The rich manure improves the barren Ground.
So swells the Brook with heaven descended Rain
And flows meandering on the thirsty Plain.
With a delight, not to be told, I veiw
Themes long exhausted, in your Hands grow new.
Past all describing, your descriptions are,
So full, so just, so wild and regular.
The Style so vary'd that it wants a Name,
Which ever differing, ever is the same.
You raise, or calm our Passions, as you please,
The Human Heart your powerfull Pen obeys,
When eager Trasimond persues the Course,
We hear the Whip, and see the Foaming Horse,
With soft Sophronia, we have wept and smiled,
So soon offended, sooner reconcil'd.
Go on, great Author, that the World may see
How bright, when from Pedantic fetters free
True Genius shines, and shines alone in thee.
Give new Editions, with a noble Scorn
Of Insect Critics would Obscure thy Morn,
Neglect their Censures, nor thy Work delay,
The Owls still sicken at the sight of Day.
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