Excommunication, Denounced on January 30, 1850

Cursed be the wretch who snarls
At the blessed martyr Charles,
And who traitorously opposes
Slitting ears and shortening noses.
Fifty thousand Devils scourge
The blasphemers of Saint George.
Let our Church with annual rites
Celebrate the first of knights,
While the choir more loudly sings
Glory to the best of kings!

Cursing Milton, Hampden, Sidney,
And all others of their kidney,
Satan's sons, who drew the sword
'Gainst the anointed of our Lord,
Whence this day hath been appointed,
Sacred to our Lord's anointed,
We will close it with a prayer
Such as He may deign to hear.
Short prayer after long banning.
‘Ever be there worshipt by us
Kings as merciful and pious!’
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