The Exe below Tiverton at Sunrise

FAREWELL , thou soft Moon, and ye shadowy gleams,
That haunt the traveller all the summer night;
Where under the green boughs the glittering streams
Dance, blithe as fairies, in the dewy light
And welcome from the east, thou beam of day!
But by all cheering tones that on thee call
From matin breeze or wakening bird, I pray,
Draw gently o'er us thy bright mantling pall;
And let the unsated eye have time to trace
Along the woody fence of this fair dale,
How, one by one, thy glowing lights give chase
To the cold mists, and o'er the gloom prevail.
Hope is at hand, and whispers, " Wait awhile;
The darkest shades at dawn may wear the gayest smile. "
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