Ezra Pound

" See, they return; ah, see the tentative
Movements, and the slow feet,
The trouble in the pace and the uncertain
Wavering! "

Do you remember what sent you from home as well
As you remember what sent Columbus and Dante from home
Sailor in strange waters Walker in forbidden highways
Talker in many tongues O red head O bronze throat
Come home Ezra in your blue shirt come home Ezra.

" My City, my beloved, my white! " thus you
And " My City, my beloved,
Thou art a maid with no breasts.
Thou art slender as a reed. "

The maid waits lean and unashamed as a young city
To hear her lover in the speech of her own country
No maid in the cities of your exile
Can say your name as this maid says your name.
I have seen
Late at night I have seen her
Glancing at men who were late talkers after work
Her look was light seeking its way
To the many sides of a diamond's edge
Her tomb to be a pyramid of ice
The scene of her grave a glacier older than flesh
All that she wears a pledge at the throat
From a cutter of crystal who knew her
Before he knew the frontier

Your sled was a swift light thing
Your dogs eager and strong
You young and proud
the whip in your hand idle
but long and strong

" Gods of the winged shoe!
With them the silver hounds,
sniffling the trace of air! "

You promised
To send back the whip when you got there
Ah now that you travel never returning.
And the whip not used now is not sent back
And the dogs run swift as ever but not swifter.
Will you come
the maid is waiting
her lips ripe
her hair soft
She runs to meet you quicker than dogs run
And she sees a long way in the sky
The red head the bronze throat
And the blue shirt
Do you remember what sent you home as well
As you remember what sent Columbus and Dante from home
O Ezra come home
It is not the sea or land now
It is the white gloom falling
And after it is no sign no track
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