Face To Face

Thou gazest in mine eyes and thine are wet;
Thy hand seeks mine, and clings, and holds me fast;
" The present, " dost thou say, " and not the past
Means light and joy and hope. I am beset
With idle fears. Thy heart in my heart met
Its all of love and faith — the spell I cast
Will bind thee, while the soul in thee shall last,
And the next life shall pay this life's dear debt. "

Thine eyes seem true! Thy words! Ah she can hear!
From her high place I think she sees thee now;
Draw back thine hand, if but one shade of fear
Of her reproach assail thee. I will bow
To Fate's decree — from blame thou shalt be clear —
Thou wilt not? ... We will face her, — I and thou!
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