Fair breaks the morning on my eye

Fair breaks the morning on my eye,
After long days of gloom and sorrow;
Bright is the cloud, as it floats on high,
Sailing along the purpling sky,
Like the sign, at night, of a clear to-morrow.

Light blows the wind along the sea,
Heaving the wave with peaceful motion;
Gayly the mariner carols, free
As a heart that is light and strong can be,
When afloat, like a bird, on the boundless ocean.

Dimmer and dimmer grows the shore,
Laid, like a fold, on the water's pillow;
Steadily glides, the gale before,
The ship, in its fullest canvas, o'er
The glassy breast of the rolling billow.

Riding along, like a mighty ark,
The gallant vessel skims the water,
Leaving behind a foaming mark,
Like a whale, when he flies before the bark,
Impelled in the crimson path of slaughter.

O, how delightfully on my eye
Comes the clear morn of sunny brightness!
Higher and bluer swells the sky,
With a swifter wing the gannets fly,
And the billow heaves with a purer whiteness.

Give me but winds that steadily blow,
Sending the ship, like a dart, o'er the ocean;
Then shall my life's blood lighter flow,
And my eye shall beam with a brighter glow,
And my heart shall swell in its deep devotion.

Country and friends I leave behind,
Flying, on wings, the ocean over:
Come, with a fleeter foot, thou wind,
And bear me on, till my heart shall find
The home that awaits the restless rover.
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