Fair Maria

T'was in the summer time O' swallows
That over hill and valley fly
The wild flowers decked both hills and hollows
And dappled was the summer sky
When I went out to meet Maria
One evening i' the month O' May
The Sun set like a ball of fire
And green earth's shadows round him lay

The meadow wild flowers red and blue
Were tipt with spangles i' the hay
And blebs like spittle dripping dew
Clung to their green stems all the day
We wandered by the rivers tide
All blue grey hung the evening cloud
We kissed and cuddled side by side
While the grasshoppers cherrupt loud

The water skeggs flowered o'er the stream
The flowering rush bloomed further in
Maria saw the golden gleam
That gilt the lilly's O' her skin
How sweet it smiled upon the flood
And on Maria's bosom pressed
The resting heifer chewed her cud
The crimson cloud stretched i' the west

O' fair and beautiful Maria
How warm thy kisses breathe on me
The setting sun a ball O' fire
Her beautious eyes of't turned to see
I kissed her on her red rose cheek
Her lips two rose buds hung wi' dew
Were my delight for many a week
Until I bade the maid adieu
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