Faith Disdained

When fate decreeth,
Fortune agreeth
And fancie seeth.
But faithes distres
Of hart all hopeles,
And hope all hapeles
The sorrow endles
Can none expresse.
When faithe vnfainèd
Shalbe disdainèd
And fauor gainèd,
By fancyes treason,
The bitter pacience
That bids the absence
Of wishèd presence
Is paste all reason.

And he that lyeth
And euer cryeth,
And neuer spyeth
How hope maie liue;
Must be contented
To be tormented,
Till harte relented
May fauor gyue.
Till when and euer
Revolting neuer
I will perseuer
Where firste I stood.
Where faithe hath seruèd
To haue deseruèd,
The swete preseruèd
To doe me good
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