The False One


O dinna paint her looks to me
I canna bear to hear it
The last war faus, as faus can be
And now I dinna fear it
The last war faus to me laddie
As thine war faus to thee
I want na'more to grie' laddie
Sae let the hizze be.


When e'er they tauk'd o' what she war
She tossed her head so high
And to mak the matter waur laddie
She turn'd her nose awry —
When she war proved a whare laddie
She drop't her head fu'low
And I knew more than they could tell
So I let the hizzey gae.


I guess'd it lang, and thought it lang
Till a' the guess went by
The poet danged her in a sang
And still she wa' fu' high
But sin' I faund the hizzey's ways
She dinna luik at me
As red as madder in the braes
She burned my face to see.
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