A Farewell

Far up the Song-Yang's sacred mountain,
Unrestrained by lock or bridge,
Flows a pure and peaceful streamlet
'Neath the " Gem-Maid's" grassy ridge.

There at eve midst pine-trees sombre
Looms the large and lustrous moon;
And within my ancient dwelling
You I hope to welcome soon.

Yes, my friend, I'll come to see you
At the closing of the year,
In your home among the mountains,
Where you live without a fear.

Deep in searching for the Chang-pu,
With its bloom-flushed purple flower,
Which endows the happy finder
With immortal life and power.

Ere I come you may have found it,
And to realms where genii dwell
Winged your flight upon the dragon,
Bidding to our earth farewell.
Author of original: 
Li Po
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