Whether we've far withdrawn
Or come more near
Equally the outward form
Doth no more appear.
Not thou by distance lost
No—for regret doth bind
Me faster to thee now
Than neighborhood confined.
Where thy love followeth me
Is enough society.
Thy indelible mild eye
Is my sky.
Whether by land or sea
I wander to and fro,
Oft as I think of thee
The heavens hang more low
The pure glance of thy eye
Doth purge the summer's sky,
And thy breath so rare
Doth refine the winter's air.
my feet would weary be
Ere they travelled from thee.
I discover by thy face
That we are of one race
Flowed in one vein our blood
Ere the sea found its flood
The worm may be divided
And each part become a whole,
But the nobler creature man
May not separate a span.
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