Farewell to Bermuda

Peace—peace to thy heart, though another's it be
And health to that cheek, though it bloom not for me.
Tomorrow I sail for those cinnamon groves
Where nightly the ghost of the Carribee roves;
And far from the light of those eyes I may yet
Their allurements forgive and their splendour forget.

Farewell to Bermuda, and long may the bloom
Of the lemon and myrtle its valleys perfume.
May spring to eternity hallow the shade
Where Ariel has warbled and Waller has strayed.
And thou—when at dawn thou shalt happen to roam
Through the lime-covered alley that leads to thy home.

Where oft when the dance and the revel were done,
And the stars were beginning to fade in the sun,
I have led thee along and have told by the way
What my heart all the night had been burning to say—
Oh! think of the past—give a sigh to those times,
And a blessing for me to that alley of limes.
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