A Farmer's Son So Sweet

A farmer's son so sweet
Was keeping of his sheep,
So careless fell asleep
While his lambs were playing.

A fair young lady gay
By chance she came that way,
Found him sleeping lay
Whom she loved so dear.

She kissed his lips so sweet
As he lay fast asleep.
‘I'm afraid my heart will break
For you, my dear.’

She said, ‘Awake, I pray,
Your flock will go astray,
Your flock will go astray
From you, my dear.’

He woke with great surprise
To behold her handsome eyes,
Like an angel from the skies
She did appear.

‘'Twas for your sweet sake alone
I wandered from my home.
My friends are dead and gone,
I am left alone.’

His flock he laid aside,
Made her his lawful bride.
In wedlock she was tied
To the farmer's son.
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