From Faustina Maratti

" WRITE ! " (said the wounded spirit's honest pride,
That spirit which is arm'd on Reason's throne,)
" Write from the heart, and make the Furies known
" That venom to the Serpent's tooth supplied!
" Give scope to thy revenge! as coursers chide
" The earth, if chance they hear the martial tone
" That summons to the field, and soon disown
" The rein or spur. " — But against passion's tide
Thought stands oppos'd. — Shall I to such a name
Give life and breath? — No! my disdain shall rest
Upon its arms, and with contempt refute.
Thus with base obloquies that worth defame,
Revenge of noble offspring deals the best;
And passes the defamer — proudly mute .
Author of original: 
Faustina Maratti Zappi
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