Fiat Justitia

Yes, all is ended now, for I have weighed thee, —
Weighed the light love that has been held so dear, —
Weighed word and look and smile, that have betrayed thee,
The careless grace that was not worth a tear.

Holding these scales, I marvel at the anguish
For thing so slight that long my heart has torn, —
For God's great sun the prisoner's eyes might languish.
Not for a torch by some chance passer borne.

I do not blame thee for thy heedless playing
On the strong chords whose answer was so full, —
Do children care, through daisied meadows straying,
What hap befalls the blossoms that they pull?

Go on, gay trifler! Take thy childish pleasure:
On thee, for thee, may summer always shine:
Too stern were Justice, should she seek to measure
Thy fitful love by the strong pain of mine.
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