The Fitting Place

The day was cold and rawkin
Though 'twas April o' the year
And the Cows they fell a gawkin
As if enemies were near
Winds blew about the rushes
The Finch built on the brere
And chirp'd in white Thorn bushes
In the April of the year


The flying showers went over
Like large birds upon the wing
Silver drops were on the clover
Pearl beads o' early spring
There a bonny maid was weeding
The thistles from the wheat
And the Partridges were breeding
Little Birdies at their feet


Oh! I eyed the maid all over
As I pass'd her in the grain
Then I hasten'd through the clover
And the Heav'n was dropping rain
I kisst her on the cheek so red
Her neck was soft and white
She heeded every word I said
And felt that it was right


We lay together side by side
Around us grew the wheat
She'd make a bonny winsome bride
The woodbines wer'nt so sweet
We saw the sun drop in the wood
The stars light up the eve
The moon got up wi dewy hood
Before we took our leave


There's pleasure in the sweet greenwood
Wi a sweet girl by ones side
To think of it it does one good
And fills our heart wi pride
To walk amang the silken grass
To kiss her rosy face
Courting till eve the bonny lass
In such a fitting place
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