The Five Joys

Hail be thou, Mary, maiden bright!
Thou teche me the wayes right.
I am a sorful drery wight,
As thou may see:
Quer I sal in the harde pine of helle be?

My sinful saule sighes sare;
Lived I have in sin and care;
Leve I wil and do na mare.
My levedy free,
Saul and body, lif and dede, beteche I thee.

Ther thou lay in thy bright bowr,
Levedy, quite as lily-flowr,
An angel com fra hevene-towr,
Sant Gabrièl,
And said: ‘Levedy ful of blis, ay worth thee wel!’

Stil thou stood, ne stint thou nought;
Thou said til him the bodword brought:
‘Al His wil it sal be wrought
In His ancele.’
Levedy, befor thy swete Sone mak us lele.

The tother joy I wat it was,
As sunne shines thoru the glas
Swa art thou, levedy, wemlas
And ay sal be.
Levedy, for that swete joy, thou rew on me.

The thridde joy, I understand,
Three kinges com of thrinne land
To fal thy swete Son til hand,
And gaf Him gift,
Mirre, recles, and gold red, as it was right.

The King was rich, the gold was red,
The recles fel til His godhed,
Mir to man that sal be ded
For oure sake.
Levedy, to thy swete Son at ane us make.

The ferth it is al thoru His grace
Quen He fra dede to life ras,
Quen He swa harde swungen was
On roode-tree.
Levedy, of our sinnes al thou make us free.

The fift, thou was til heven brought—
The Juws thee sought and fand thee nought,
As thy swete Son it wrought,
Almighty King.
Levedy Mary, be our help at our ending.

Levedy, for thy joyes five,
Thou kith thy might and help us swithe,
Levedy Mary, moder o live!
With flowr and fruit,
Rose and lily thou sprede ay wide and help thy suit.

Levedy Mary, wel thou wast
The feendes fraistes me ful fast;
Wel I hope I sal thaim cast
Thoru might of thee:
Quen I neven thy swete name I ger thaim flee.

Thir joys ar said as I can say,
My site, my sorow I cast away.
Now help me, levedy—wel thou may—
And be my spere;
Fra the harde pain of helle thou me were.

All that singes thee this song
And all that ligges in paines strong,
Thou lede thaim right ther thay ga wrong,
And have mercy
On all that trows that God was born of thee, levedy.
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