Patience, little Heart!
One day a heavy-breasted, June-hot woman
Will enter and shut the door, to stay.

And when your stifling soul would summon
Cool, lonely night, her breasts will keep the night at bay,
Leaning in your room like two tiger-lilies, curving.
Their pale-gold petals back with steady will,
Killing the blue dusk with harsh scent, unnerving
Your body with their nipple-thrust, until
You thirst for coolness with a husky thirst.

And then you will remember, for the first
Time with true longing, what I was to you.
Like a wild daffodil down-dreaming,
And waiting through the blue
Chill dusk for you, and gladly gleaming
Like a little light at your feet.

Patience, little Heart! I shall be sweet
In after years, in memory, to you.
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